Does anyone have any experience with this 1650 riddle:

The Great Deceiver
First of the Captains of Angband

Answer: Sauron
PS: The answer has 50% chance of killing the character

I’m curious if its always 50% chance regardless of alligiance, or if FP characters have any chance of surviving this answer ?

Also does anyone have any experience with doing the “900 FindArt” in Riddle/Spririt artifact encounters ?

As far as I remember I have always failed this order on artifacts guarded by Spirits or Riddles. Has anyone else succeeded doing this ? I’m curious if 900 has different effect whether its a Riddle or Spirit encounter.

But of course mail me off the forum and feel free to ask

OK, thanks…but I cant seem to find your email adress. You can also email me at:



You should have to work harder than that…??? :slight_smile:

Well you think I should be meaner and not so easy going with this stuff?

Well, I don’t mind posting stuff here either when I’m confident of the answers, but you didn’t do that. So you obviously feel you’ve earned your knowledge and you’re not giving it out to the whole world.

So, either give it to the whole world and post the answers here, or hold out until people at least try… :slight_smile: Using the forum to send emails to registered users as you specifically requested is not rocket science…

If someone asks a question I do not mind answering it and sharing my hard earned knowledge at all.

I am being somewhat restrained on the forum in order not to encourage some adverse postings in other peoples forums about its validity and so on, or anything else.

It does not matter much to me if they cannot work out how to e mail me, it just means they are in more need of help than one thought!

But the game needs fresh blood and not frustrated new players who leave, hence why i spend more time than I care to think about on them.

Then answer for all, do - Answer for All~!! If one man raises his hand, another 55 listen eagerly…

Hmm not so sure thats true but we shall see.

I wish you’d have put more information here. It would have been helpful to me, 12 years later…