Rulings on joining a game together

Okay so a minor gripe from me. If you’re joining a game with friends that’s both cool and desired. You have more fun and it’s a better game for all! BUT it does mean that you’re more co-ordinated, of a like mind in planning and approach, and generally a more effective team. So there’s a generic rule that 5 is the max positions you can fill in an individual non-Grudge game. Also on our web-page there’s a section that says, “who are you joining with?” That’s to make sure you all join together as a group and have fun, and also so that I can help balance the game.

(You might think I throw darts at a board until I get a random mix of players, but I do spend some 200 emails of time and down-time balancing games before hand, not so that they are necessarily even, I could give a decent guess at game start which side was going to win!)

If there’s 6 or more you I do suggest you double up on nations and play a Grudge game, more fun for everyone! If you want full co-ordination that’s what Grudge team games are all about, you get to play against a similarly organised team and both teams have more fun. (It’s actually not much fun in the long run running over the opposition if you’re effectively a Grudge team and they’re a bunch of new players with a couple of mentors to help out!)

So reminder, when joining list who you’re joining with so that I can help you have fun.