Steve Allen R.I.P

Hello Everyone,

I learned today that a member of our community has passed away.

Steve Allen passed away 10 days ago in Forest Ranch, California. NOI.

I played with Steve as a teammate. He was a good person, possibly the best Artifact Hunt coordinator in the game, a great teammate, and a solid human being. Steve was very involved in community and government work in Forest Ranch and spent the better part of his life working continuously to make his community a better place.

I, and those that know him, were saddened by his passing and will miss him.

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I had the fortune of playing in a single game with Steve Allen. Game 71 started in March 2018. Steve was the Blind Sorcerer and I was a last-minute replacement player as the Long Rider. This was my first game of MEPBM in 25 years. Steve did an amazing job managing the artifact hunt in that game.

I signed up for my second game a few months later. I was assigned the Noldo Elves in Game 73. With this nation, I had the job to manage the artifact hunt for the team. I reached out to Steve to ask his advice. We spent hours on the phone over several calls and he told me everything he knew about the artifact hunt. I took lots of notes, and he followed up the call by sending me some of his planning documents.

I didn’t know Steve very well. Others who will hopefully post here will have many more stories to share, but I was struck by Steve’s passion for the game, his meticulous record keeping, and his willingness to help and give me so much of his time for a game that he was not participating in.

Farewell, Steve. Thank you for the time you spent with me while you were here.

Steve and I played in a 1650 game together back in the GSI days in 1994. He was Arthedain and I was playing Cardolan so we ended up talking on the phone together many times coordinating our actions but I really did not get to know Steve until I found myself playing both with and against him when I returned and we exchanged emails. It was then that we both found out that we were both in California although at different parts of the state (Steve was from way up north in Butte County and I am on the central coast) and, for the first time, got to know each other apart from the game.
I know that Steve was married and that he had kids and, I think, grandkids but our conversations, apart from talking about our games that is, were often more about the various little happenings in our lives more than the broad strokes. What always impressed me about Steve was his kindness and his ability to put you at ease with his genuine interest in what you had to say. In all the years playing ME with him I never knew him to be snarky or unkind to anyone, including me no matter how many mistakes I made. The last time I talked to Steve on the phone was to ask his advice in dealing with some of my teammates in a game I was playing at the time. Several years ago while I was in the hospital with cancer and heart failure Steve (and others) went above and beyond to be a help to me- many times coming up with orders when I was unable to do so.
I know that Matt, James, Tine, and others were close to Steve as well. They played on a competitive grudge team together with him for many years and I know how close the friendships are made between teammates. Hopefully some of them will find their way here to make some remarks about Steve.
I went through some of my emails with Steve over the years and want to copy and paste some of it to give some examples of what kind of person Steve was. Rest easy my friend.

Artifact Lore resources:

4 Locate Artifact True

Celedhring, Dragon Lord, M50(80), LA 89, LAT 70

Ethacali, Blind Sorcerer, M40, LA 56, LAT 36

Hoarmurath, Ice King, M50(95) LA 77, LAT 79

Maben, Dragon Lord, M50(80) LA 93, LAT 60

6 Locate Artifact

Gastmorgath, Blind Sorcerer, M50, LA 93

Khathog, Ice King, M40, LA 63

Maukurz, Blind Sorcerer, M40, LA 90

Meriot, Corsairs, M50, LA 96

Naldurgarth, Blind Sorcerer, M50, LA 63

Voisiol, Long Rider, M40, LA 70

4 research Artifact

Abdahkil, Ice King, M37, RA 90

Ashburgnul, Dog Lord, M55, RA 100

Bolvag, Dark Lieutenants, M50, RA 91

Morlammen, Long Rider, M39, RA 48

Some of these characters have other tasks they need to undertake. For example, Bolvag is in a battle.

So far, we have located:

#1 Ring of Wind, at or near 3214 and 3115, presumably acquired by the Free at 3215. Now held by Elrohir at 2114

#9 Elenya, at or near 4312 and 4412, no encounter at 4312, likely at 4411 where Uvatha has a an encounter to investigate

#21 Staff of Eartrhmastery at 3802

#15 Tinculin, at 1428, now held by Nimrodel at 2514

#42 Collar of Might at or near 0714 and 0914, at 0814. Khamul is present, no encounter, rumor of encounter for Erestor, Noldo camp.

#44 Collohwesta at 1714, encounter to be investigated by Naldurgarth turn 5, which resulted in the Athelas riddle.

#135 Elenruth at 3212, Maben and Uvatha there on turn 4 with no encounter and no encounters reported for that location. Elrond is reported to have an encounter on turn 5. An LA of turn 5 puts it at or near 3311. Noldo camp at 3212.

#175 Ring of Curufin at or near 1416 and 1418, likely acquired by Glorfindel at1517, stolen by Khamul, now held by Khamul at 0814

#189 Blue Ring at 2419

9 artifacts located, more or less

2 held by the Free

1 held by the Servants

2 with Free encounters turn 5

2 with Servant encounters turn 5 – one a riddle to answer, the second to investigate

2 random encounters to investigate: 3729 & 3723. Drurgandra, Ch 47 is at the former. Dargum, Ch 18, and the latter. It could prove worthwhile to have Drurgandra investigate. Not Dargum. With a challenge rank of 18 anything other than a safe riddle likely is deadly.

My initial artifact hunt list was:

Number Name Benefit Alignment Secondary power
1 Ring of Wind +40 Agent N
175 Ring of Curufin +30 Agent N
42 Collar of Might +30 Mage N
15 Tinculin +40 Mage N Spirit mastery
135 Elenruth +750 combat N Spirit mastery
188 E Mere Vardo +10 Mage G Spirit mastery
44 Collohwesta +25 Stealth N
9 Elenya +15 Stealth N
189 The Blue Ring +10 Mage E Spirit mastery
169 Gurthang +2250 combat E Spirit mastery
7 Nazgyaga +30 Mage E Dark Summons
18 Tablets of Dark Knowledge +15 Mage E Random lost list
21 Staff of Earth Mastery +20 Mage N Conjuring ways
36 Suimbalmynas +20 Mage N Conjuring ways

39 Miramarth +15 Agent E
61 Dragon Helm of Dor-Lomin +15 Command N
65 Angbor +10 Command N

It would be reasonable to track #1 Ring of Wind, #15 Tinculin, #42 Collar of Might, and #135 Elenruth. Unless someone has an agent or challenger ready to move in, a Locate Artifact for general location and ownership ought to be good enough. We have 6 locate artifact mages. One of them, Naldurgarth, needs to react to encounter and refuse, leaving a possible 5.

I propose:

Meriot, Corsairs, LA #1 Ring of Wind

Gastmorgath, Blind Sorcerer, LA #15 Tinculin

Maukurz, Blind Sorcerer, LA #42 Collar of Might

Voisiol, Long Rider, and Khathog, Ice King, both LA #135 Elenruth

The first three have LA at 90 or better. The other two are at 70 and 63 respectively, so it is more likely one will fail to cast.

I think Celedhring ought to try to steal #1 Ring of Wind. He could also issue a challenge, but I think Elrohir is likely to refuse when in an enemy camp. Unless told otherwise, I figure Celedhring is not available for an LAT on turn 6.

Maben needs to refuse. He probably shows on the Noldo camp and is not suited for a challenge with Elrond. Moving out would not be an unreasonable second order. He could try investigating encounter. Either way, I figure Maben is not available for an LAT on turn 6.

Hoarmurath, an army commander, could well have plenty of other things to do.

Ethacali’s cast rank for LAT is 36, but he has succeeded both tries – and improved.

I propose:

Ethacali, Blind Sorcerer LAT #169 Gurthang.

Hoarmurath, Ice King, if available, LAT #7 Nazgyaga

Does this work?

Steve Allen

Blind Sorcerer

I can do either position. It looks like Jason has the Haradwaith, so if it
is preferable, I can prepare something for the Quiet Avenger. Let me know.
However, it needs to be today. Wednesday, I have my biennial colonoscopy and
ought not be doing anything requiring judgment or dexterity (including
typing) while recovering from the anesthesia.

Meanwhile, I will go over the information we have and figure out the best I
can who needs what. I will get that out as fast as I can.

Steve Allen
Blind Sorcerer

yes lets continue. this time we have decent mages,15 or so good agents and other hi level char left.i don’t think in our other attempts we ever had this strong a position to work from. David was right a military victory has been out of reach for a lot of turns,but we are still in good shape to last another 4 or 5 turns to try for a one ringer. if we do pick up the ring and then drop it on the way there I would not want to try to pick it up again. it would be nice to get the ring to mount doom even if we did not succeed can you imangine the huge char battle there. that would be real exciting .I read in either the MOUTH or WHISPERS of a mount doom ring battle and I remember they said over 100 char. were envolved. james

On Thu, 12/29/16, ‘’ [ME-32-Da

I have a set format for submitting shadow orders that seems to work – from my end. Leaving orders from the nation owner to work as things ought to work. Things can go wrong. The folks at ME Games are good about making corrections when they can. Much better than GSI ever was.

Other than what follows, that is it for now. I need to go deal with my various insurance folks about the damages substantiated about seven weeks ago when a neighbor’s tree cracked in the wind and attacked my vehicle and living room window.

This turn comes later.

Steve Allen

A turn 1 situation report from the Blind Sorcerer to the Neutrals. You do not need to know what I do not want the Free to know.

Somewhat late. My other life has been a wee bit busy of late and is likely to remain so through May.


Nothing unanticipated. Cardolan has an army under Imlach at Eldanar, 1907. The Dwarves have hired an army at Zarak-dum, 2004. The Servants have armies at Mt Gram, 2006, Morkai, 2005, and Cargash, 1806.

Upper Anduin – Mirkwood.

There is a Woodmen army at Buhr Fram, 2405. Presumably to defend against the Witch-king army at Mt Gundabad, 2305.

A Free force is at 2410. Khazad-dum, 2212, is without an icon, so presumably the Free at 2410 include the starting Dwarves, possibly with new hires, likely planned for Goblin-gate, 2409.

The Dragon lord has an army under Duran at Carrock, 2609.

To the south, the Woodmen have forces at Buhr Widufiras, 2711, Sairtheod, 2712, and an army under Osric at Sarn Lothduin, facing a Dragon Lord army under Urgubal.

The Sinda maintain a force at Aradhrynd , 2908, and the Dragon Lord at Dol Guldur, 2715.


Perhaps the most interesting development in Rhovanion is on the Sea of Rhun, where the Long Rider and Sinda fleets have met at 4315. The Sinda have the advantage, with better ships and a better commander, Amroth, than the Long Rider has in Hargrog. However, the Sinda advantage is not large – 36:30. I have seen the stronger fleet take disproportionate damage. There is a chance the Sinda will lose Amroth.

There are ways the Sinda and Northmen can patrol the Sea of Rhun to ensure both fleets encounter the Long Rider fleet. If they do, victory is assured and neither will lose its commander, save through challenge or an untoward event in combat. For reasons unknown to me, the Free of 71 chose to do otherwise.

Elsewhere: at Dilgul, the Northmen have an army of about 1,000 under Gaerandil and the Dwarves have an army of about 1,100 under Gain I.

They might not know where the Long Rider cavalry is. The Easterlings know.

In central Rhovanion, the Servants have a force at 3516, with many targets within range.

In the Iron Hills, the Dwarves have, unsurprisingly, moved an army under Thelor II to Nahald Kudar, 3506. The Servants anticipate that their intention is unfriendly.

In western Rhovanion, impinging on Mirkwood, the Northmen have a force at Esgaroth, 3109. A reasonable precaution, since the Long Rider might have sailed to Londaroth, 3110. The Eothraim have forces at Buhr Waldmarh, 3012, and Buhr Waldlaes, 3113.

Gondor-West Mordor

Engagements at Thuringwathost, 3120, Minas Ithil, 3124, Osgiliath, 3024, and Bar-en-Tinnen, 3026. Rarely is this a quiet theater at start.

At Thuringwathost, 3120, three Eothraim armies under Aluiric, Athaulf, and Mahrcared oppose a Dark Lieutenants army under Herudor. Not unusual, with the advantage for the battle to the Eothraim.

At Minas Ithil, 3124, there are Dark Lieutenant armies under Gothmog and Miruimor and a Fire King army under Shagrat. The advantage is to the Servants.

At Osgiliath, 3024, an Ice King force under Hukor faces a huge navy of Southern Gondor under Belechael and an army of Northern Gondor under Elatar. Hukor’s army cannot engage the Southern Gondor navy unless it chooses to fight, so there are more variables than in a standard land battle.

At Bar-en-Tinnen, 3026, the Long Rider has an army under Drurgandra. Advantage to the Long Rider.

The Free maintain at force at Minas Anor, 2924. One would hope so.

Meanwhile, the Free will see a Dark Servant icon at 2829. If they can run a spark between two brain cells, they will figure this to be Quite Avenger. From what I have seen and know in 71, the Free are far more than bright enough to have figured out that. Underestimating my opponent is very low on my priority list.

East Mordor

There is a danger to Carvarad, 3621, in the Free force at 3620. There is another danger from the Free force at 3921.

The Blind Sorcerer has moved a substantial force to Burch Nurn, 4025, ready to move against dangers to Mordor from the north and east. The Cloud Lord has moved forces to 3726 and Urlurtsu Nurn, 3627 to respond as needed. The Dark Servant military reserves are in motion.

Blind Sorcerer

The Blind Sorcerer will heavily engage in sorcery. I hope to do it well. However, I have been known to make mistakes. I would prefer that the next not be my last, because of what that forebodes.

Steve Allen

I don’t get in the forum much - found out today from another player about this unfortunate situation and I’m immediately struck by the thought that I will miss him and I wish I could communicate such to his family.

This community is rather small and over the years you get to know people at least in gaming terms and sometimes as their life away from gaming. I only really knew him as a player but I respected him for years.

If there is more information about how to send condolences to his family I will pass it along to everyone I can.

Jason Roberts