Suspense & Decision magazine - A Summoning of Ambassadors and Warlords!

::Salutations & Greetings to the forces of Good and Evil, and to the servants of Neutrality, as well!::

Issue #14 came out a couple of weeks back, and Issue #15 is currently being compiled, and should publish on or about February 1st, 2017. While your true loyalties lie to larger causes, nonetheless, I would like to take this opportunity to extend unto each and every one of you in the Land of Middle-earth to send envoys to share with our magazine’s readers word from your respective realms.

Spread the word of your kingdom’s greatness! Post dire warnings! Bequeath wisdom that is but your own to inhabitants of all lands roundabout. Tell, in your own words, events and happenings in the Land of Middle-earth!

Help to grow your game’s legacy - Send in thoughts and deeds, for a future issue!

Send to:

Click HERE to download Issue #14!

Issue #15 of Suspense & Decision magazine is out!’

Grab your copy, today!

Issue #16 is under production, now. It would be nice to have a Middle-earth game article to include within this next issue’s pages. But who will be the one to step forth with words on digital parchment to make such a reality?

Suspense & Decision is back (been back a couple of issues, now, actually). Issue #19 is now available for download by clicking here!

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