The Blue Wizard

Has anyone ever had an encounter with The Blue Wizard in a 4th Age game? I know he’s a Kin Strife NPC, but so far all he’s done is sit on one of my pop centers and pump the loyalty every turn.

Wow, this must be a new addition to 4th Age? I see no references to this encounter.

I guess so. Looks like I need to drop by and say hi.

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I have seen this and I believe it is the same for Istar Luin. You might have to send multiple characters to try to steal artifacts off them. One character in the hex with him will get an encounter that will basically teleport him to some other hex on the map. I do not recall if there was a minimum distance. So if you only send one, expect to be teleported to a random hex.

What artifacts does he normally carry? Or are they randomized?

I think they were the same ones, but I need to find my old FA artifact list. That was probably from about 10 years ago. I most likely have it on a hard drive somewhere.

My encounter with him resulted in my dude being teleported to a distant hex.

There were two Blue Wizards in 4th Age prior to the software having to be moved. Alatar the Blue and Pallando the Blue. One is good and the other evil - I forget which is which. They’ll influence pop center loyalty accordingly. If you met the one of the same allegiance they teleported you to the location of an artifact, if you met the other one the just teleported you randomly.

“The Blue Wizard” has replaced Alatar AND Pallando in FAS. Apparently, according to Clint, there is an issue with copyright. In FAS 41, “The B” sat at 3723 for 3/4 of the game doing nothing. And we never tried to interact with him.
Furthermore, the artifacts that NPC’s carried in the original game are suspect for this new version. Alatar and Pallando both had +1500 damage artys and a ~+25 stealth artys in the original game - RoAman and RoLoil. In FAS41, Aman started with an enemy player and we picked up Loil off the ground.
Additionally, our players named characters Alatar and Pallando who then generated a ‘rumor’ of influencing pcs even tho they were players characters. I hope that got fixed.