The Dragon Slayer

I remember way back…in the day. I think its was game 76 with GSI when the FP organized a dragon slayer. We found a combination of artifacts on an elven character and he literally went around and killed EVERY dragon he encountered! I am trying to recall who was in it and which artifacts they were. Can anyone chime in on this?

I wasn’t in that game but have done some dragon-slaying. There are two routes: commander or mage. There are artefacts - such as Arthedain’s Ring of Barahir - with a bonus against dragons or fell beasts. I reckon this worth 50 on your challenge rank.

What rank do you think you need? Most people use such overkill it’s hard to estimate the rank you need.

You can also use #139 Gersebroc which gives similar secondary power to that of the Ring of Barahir (bonus fighting dragon/fellbeasts).

The best anti Evil NPC weapon is #127 Aranruth which includes bonus against Balrogs, Undead & so on.

I am doing this in a game now. I’m sitting at 270CR and using Aranruth. Killed my first dragon last turn and took no damage. I went the mage item route. I also used the encounter with the ATTACK option, not a challenge.

The easiest way is to use Elrond with his 50 Ring, Tinculin, Aranruth, and some other mage artifacts that are 30+, preferably you steal Gandalf’s or Galadriel’s items.

Always a Commander - FP need mages for other things. 5 Com toys, use Arthedains - and #127 as the weapon.

I haven’t done this in a long time but I went the mage route as the Noldo. I like to steal Gandalf and Galadriel’s rings 12 and 13, and if FP, her MIrror. Add an anti-dragon artifact, use Elrond including #11 and another mage artifact.

BTW, does anyone have a theory on whether an artifact that is good against dragons or similar, is equally good if you 285 Attack or 210 instead?

Would you be able to sit in an army avd personal challenge the Dragon before a battle?

That would be quite a shock.

Yes andit was! I was IK with Lamthanc in my army at my capital, and the Dwarves had a big army there. I felt safe because of Lamthanc but got a shock opening my turn, as I had been eliminated! And in the army battle, Lamthanc didn’t show up!

It turned out that Bain was there stacked and had challenged Lamthanc.


Yes, I did exactly this. I used Elrond pumped to the gills with mage artifacts and one of the +2250 swords.