The New MEPBM Forums

The New MEPBM Forums

The MEPBM Forums Migration has successfully completed. We allocated the whole weekend for the migration in case there were any problems, and the process finished with no major issues, thankfully. We are not quite ready to redirect traffic from the old site to the new site just yet, as I am doing some final testing of the data migration and configuration of the new Forums. I suspect we will redirect traffic tomorrow (Saturday, September 27) at some point.

You can start visiting and using the new Forums. The link to the new Forums site is:

I would encourage you to use the link above and update your bookmarks as the link is going to go to a new MEPBM landing page in about a month. If you want to reach the Forums directly, the link above is the best link to use from this point on.

When you visit the new Forums, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.

If you had an account on the old MEPBM Forums you will need to reset your password to login to the new Forums as we did not migrate the passwords for security reasons. This will generate an email allowing you to reset your password.

Thank you to Darrell Swoap, who had been administering the MEPBM Forums since 2003, an impressive 16 years of volunteer service!

Traffic is now being redirected to the new Forums. Please drop by and make sure that you can access your account and posting history. Update your avatar, add a profile, and search for a topic or post a message. Confirm that the Forums are working for you and help breathe some more life into this little corner of the Internet.