The Onion Reports from Middle Earth

Pelargir Honeymoon ‘Absolutely Ruined’ for Area Couple

Wife of Missing Emmy Doubts Dragon Attack
Says to “Check the Prancing Pony.”

Famished Troops Maul Larry

JOverseer Offers Street-View Zoom
“Parts of Barad Ungol are rather quaint.”

Dark Servants Win Easterlings with a 30-hex Slip-n’-Slide
“The Free offered a Palantir and some rusty sword.”

Guard Guarding a Guard’s Guard Wounded While Guarding

Dyslexic Duns March West

Goblins Steal Valuable Bike

Despondent Northman Who Thought He’d Lost All Hope Loses Last Bit of Hope He Didn’t Know He Had

Poll: Ji Indur Has 11% Favorability Rating Among FP

ME Games Accepts Orders by Text
u can send ur $ & £ 2

Residents of Minas Anor Vexed by Late-Night Cursing

Fate of the Free Rests with Littlest Woodman

OMG!!! Awesome stuff!

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MEPBM Teams with Marvel to Bring New Champions to 1650/2950