Tom Bombadil

Does Tom Bombadil regularly show up at 1310?

I recently was running Cardolan. My previous time running Cardolan was a while ago, when turns came on paper, by mail. I no longer have my collection from then – space limitations. I do not recall Tom Bombadil appearing in that game. My recall is less than total.

In the recent game, Cardolan put a camp at 1310. Primarily for timber. The next turn, Tom Bombadil affected the loyalty and did so for another seven turns before no longer being reported at the location. The loyalty increased every turn he was there. In all, a fifty-seven point increase. Emissaries sent to the location three times did not have an encounter.

I have not before experienced nor noticed this. I can miss things. That is in my skill set.

According to the [wiki], Tom Bombadil is an army encounter :slight_smile: