Turnmap in FA scenario


When you start up a new FA game your turnmap will be 9*13 hexes centered around your capital.
But some regions are close the the edges of the worldmap, so what happens if you place your capital near the edges of the worldmap ?

Will your turnmap still be 9*13 hexes or will it be smaller since it cannot go through the edges or the worldmap ?

If the map is still 9*13 hexes, how is the turnmap generated, since it naturally cannot be centered around your capital. If you fx place your capital at 0207, what would your turnmap look like ?


Your turn map is off centre as close as possibe to being centred. In your example the top left would be 0101 I believe. I’ve had capitals on maps on the eastern edge of the game that basically go 9 hexes from the eastern edge of the map with the capital to the estern side of that.