Untold War of the Ring - need four more players!

[Edited on 1 November 2019. We now only need four players.]

I am looking for four more players to join an Untold War of the Ring game. The only requirement is that you have never played it before. Myself and four other players want to play DS (all five of us have never played this variant before), and we are looking for four more people interested in trying it out for the first time to play the FP positions. You can either come in as individual players or as a team.

The rules are here:

Clint has let me know that the setup price is double the normal game.

Please email me if you are interested - raven@rinzai.com

I’ve had one other player interested at present so need 4 more as we have a team of DS. Only looking for FP players atm.

Game filled snd started.