Where dragons lurk

It seems to me that in my FP games the Dark Servants are overrun with dragons, but in my DS games they seem very hard to find, despite looking in the usual place.

It does seem that they have different stomping grounds in the various seasons.

So I wonder – are there players out there with secret knowledge of where the dragons go in the Summer etc.? I might start going through all my past turns to track which dragons I have encountered where and in which season. Though I suspect there are hexes where some go in certain seasons, which are unknown to most of us.

Ask the DS from Game 99. Never saw so many dragons. The economy was all 1s all game, so they didnt have troops, but they kept rampaging around with armies with 3 dragons in them.

Game 914 seems to be all dragons as well. Maybe they are just more accessible in Summer in the southern Misties.

I think it is a small sample size optimization problem similar to Catan. If you build three cities on 6s and 8s then after a thousand rolls of the dice you probably maximize your output. The problem is that there are actually a relatively small number of “rolls” or “opportunities”. The only solution is wide coverage. I used to be a big believer in the “Triangle” but no longer.

Limited coverage has a negative feedback loop due to the fact that dragons hang out at a hex for several turns. If a recruitable dragon shows up at empty hex there is no “Maybe we’ll get lucky next turn.” You have to wait several turns before there is another “roll”.

In these rewards games I am seeing DS regularly take the +Emissary bonuses. Camping is happening faster… and in the case of the Mistys it is also happening more safely because you can get in a bunch of camps before dragons show up. Working with your teammates to cover the Mistys not only gives you recruitable dragons but also lets you see where the dangerous ones are lurking.