Where is everyone?

In the past two months or so, I’ve had two 3-nation FA gunboat games end, and something like 3 1650 gunboat games end. But nothing new starting up. The regular FA game 410 seems to have stalled in filling up, as has the one-week 1650 927. And nothing else.

Have a bunch of players lost interest? No interest in a regular 1650 GB or tri-nation 1650 GB? Or another FA GB if you don’t want a regular FA game? Or is everyone playing in other scenarios?

Locks downs spurred interest. The world is opening back up. I’m stuck in 6 games as a result of needing something to do. They’re all going on longer than most games over the last X years, dammit. As they end, I’ll settle back into my 1 grudge and 1 Indie as per normal, now that life is … more normal. I assume I’m not alone.