Where's the Challenge?

The MEG newsletter put out my Challenge a month ago and I’ve only received one worthy response. If it’s a legendary game you’re looking for, then take on my team and we’ll give you one!

I’ve put together 11 players (playing 12 nations) with some serious experience in ME. We’re flexible but prefer:

  • FAS
  • limiting agents
  • Regional draft scheme

What are you waiting for?
Hurry up and organize your team, but plan on getting your butts kicked…

I might try mustering a team to take you guys on. One or two games I’m in don’t look long for this world. So with an eye on the next world, I have a few questions for you:

What exactly do you mean by “limiting agents” and “Regional draft scheme”? I have an idea, of course, but would like to know the specifics.



Hi Mo,

Excellent, and thanks for the interest.

“limiting agents”
Again, we’re quite flexible on this. Several attempts have been made in the past to limit the rise of agents. These include:

  • LAS, Limited Agent Scenario where two SNA’s are not allowed. +20 to 615/620, and Stealth.
  • NKA, No Kills/Kidnaps Allowed where 615/620 are prohibited.
  • MO, Military Only new variant as described by MEG.
    There was even a ‘Mandatory Ransom’ variant brought up. We plan to negotiate with our opponents to please as many players as possible.

“regional draft” scheme
Well, other than allowing MEG to assign Regions randomly, two ideas were put forward:

Flip a coin. Winner selects team A or team B.
Team A picks the Kingdom they prefer. Then Team B gets the other Kingdom and picks one region, and also chooses their allegiance. Then A gets two picks and gets the other allegiance, then B gets two, etc., until finally team A gets last pick from the two remaining regions, leaving the unpicked region empty (MEGames puts a placeholder nation in, then eliminates it or whatever.)
So the draft goes:
B(K) B and picks allegiance (Free or Dark)
A A and gets the other allegiance
Both sides thus have 1 Kingdom and 11 Regular nations. There are variants, but the idea here is, yes, whoever wins the coin toss has the advantage of deciding which team they want to be, if they really want a specific Kingdom then they should be A, if they really want a specific allegiance they should be B, neither side gets to pick both their favorite Kingdom and their favorite allegiance. And mostly getting to pick two regions together means as you go along you can try to pick supporting regions. There are 5 times for each team that they get to pick two regions - the first B pick doesn’t really count because the Kingdom is determined already - but B does get to pick something supporting their Kingdom if they like.


…offering the opposition their choice of Allegiance as an incentive. Furthermore and because of that, it was proposed that we give the opposition its choice of Region pick between:
a) 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, etc
b) 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.
It’s assumed the first pick in the draft a) will be a Kingdom, and IMO the SKingdom. Since there is no requirement to pick a Kingdom, the last pick for team b) can be it’s Kingdom. Therefore, if the Skingdom climate is not preferred for our opponents then they will have the advantage (as I see it) of picking the first TWO starting regions and knowing which Kingdom they will eventually be before we even pick one nonK region.
What’s your opinion on that? Too dangerous?
And of course, once we meet our opposition we may just scrap all this for their own ideas of a ‘draft proposal’. Maybe they don’t even care about the Allegiance either.

Those two excerpts from our group site should give you some insight into what we’re looking for. We certainly plan to work with the opposition to hash all this out to everyone’s satisfaction.

thanks Mo,


I too am in the recently deceased game 48 with Mo and would like to assist him in putting together a team to take you on. It would be helpful to know who you already have recruited onto your team. If you are not comfortable listing them here, email me at nysrc@yahoo.com.

Looking forward to a good game!

Bob Newton