Yet Another riddle

OK, this one is in the Wiki, but the person attributed to answering it says he has no recollection of the riddle or posting an answer!. And the answer in the wiki is a number which seems weird. Does anyone else have thoughts (or certain knowledge) about this?

Here it is:

It was an age of deed and tale
of little joy and much travail.
Long was it before the eye did close and we saw the sun.
How many was it now that it’s done.

The Wiki says this refers to the third age and says the answer is 3021, the number of years of the third age. Hard to believe 3021 is a riddle answer.

Any other thoughts?

I thought it could fit, and have no other suggestions at this point. I can confirm it is wrong with 3021 or thirtytwentyone. As I tried both and failed. Never found the right one.

If its the end of the Third Age then surely the number of years would be Age 1 + Age 2 + Age 3?

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