Game 225 - War Begins

The Black Gate shall open soon, and the vileness of the Elves and Men shall be swept from Middle Earth. Run, cowardly elves to your ships. Leave Middle Earth for our Lord Sauron and his minions from the East.

  • Urzahil, Minion of Sauron

Lord Sauron,

We swear our blades, lives, and souls to you! Long live the 3000 Year Empire!

-Ovatha, Faithful Servant

Oh, no!! Not again!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nice to meet you again on the battlefield Ben.
This time the neutrals are evenly split between the two factions, aren’t you worried? :slight_smile:

Bard, Lakeman

Nope, not really. Then again with a Khand and Rhun DS side, you should be. :slight_smile:

  • Ben
    Dark Lts.

Hello Darkness my old friends
The time has come to war again
Children of the the Eye go softly creeping
To slay the freeps while they are sleeping
Saurons vision planted in our brains
Still remains
Within the sound, the sound of screaming!!!

Akhôrahil Simon
The Plagiarising Minstrel of Mordor

Hi, I’m still here, I’ll plague you with my melanchonic voice again, I only hope the Woodmen won’t ignore my talent :slight_smile:

Morrissey, the dark side of the Woodmen


Can you sing Cemetary Gates for me?
I find that apt.

DENDRA on the guilotine

Dear Dendra, Morannon… what a good place for the performance of that song!
But if I come there I want to make a whole concert, will you be able to listen at me until the end? :smiley:
Yep, why don’t you come to Mirkwood? My devoted woodmen will make a special party for you…



Hmmm, dunno, it`s so far away. Expensive to get to and the natives are a bit inbred, what with all that shapechanging, cavorting with bears and singing with the wolves. Maybe Gondor would be more civilised?


Elves suck…

  • Urzahil, Mouth of Sauron

I have no soul, I am not truly alive…but I pledge my “undying” allegiance to the Lord Sauron. We shall polish our blades with the blood of the Free Peoples!

Morrissey, you’re first - that whining you call music causes me more pain than 10 Elven blades in my chest…

Long Live the Lidless Eye!

Love (to kill Freeps),

Elves are fairies
Dwarves are small
Here comes the Lidless Eye
He will smite you all
If you’re on the wrong side then…
He is not your friend
And pain is all around
Like a bridge over Anduin waters
We will take you down…

Murazor Garfunkel
The Equally Plagirist Bard of Minas Morgul


Morannon City 5.

Now that`s what i call poetry!

How about;

Elven chicks got soul
Elven chicks like to rock and roll??

The Multi-talented Cloud Lord!

Elves still suck…

  • Lord Urzahil, Minion of Saruon

Yes, it’s true,
Elves do suck.
But we’ll make do
With any luck.
We’ll kill 'em all,
Won’t pass the buck.
Then go to our two-humped camels
for a nice hard . . . . hmm, can’t find any word that rhymes with “buck”. Oh well. Poem is over. Back to digging holes in the sand! Poetry is for ladies and “smooth” guys. Digging holes is MAN WORK!

Ovatha of Khand

Damn it, no one on the other side wants to trade taunts!

  • Ben
    Dark Lts.

I’d like, but my poor english doesn’t allow me :rolleyes:

I don`t think they have anything to gloat about…yet. Nice of the dwarves and northmen to , as one of my esteemed team-mates put it, “bend over for us” on t1. We really like the Rhun area, real estate is , apparently, going very cheap!

DENDRA the Dog

Mongo Estate Selling Inc. is very proud to announce that many nice resorts are now available on the shore of the Sea of Rhun.
The sight is breath-taking ( you can spend the whole day trying to spot Tol Buruth on the mountain in the middle of the lake. The first to find it wins a doll), the climate is one of the best all around Middle Earth and the neighbours, the Northmen, are one of the most welcoming nation ( their eloquence is well known).
Anyway everything has his price, and such beautiful mansions can’t be sold for cheap…
Are the starving DS nation able to afford such an expensive buy?
We fear not… so our agents are already seeking buyers among the richer Free Peoples.
The gold mining dwarves showed a lot of interest in the area ( seems they got bored of their stone-digged holes and prefer to enjoy the sun and the salubre climate of Rhun).
We expected the Rhun Easterlings to be interested as well, but they preferred a more conservative approach to the whole matter. They stayed at home ( at Riavod and Mistrand) thus showing no interest and a lack of intraprendence.
I’m sure thay my sell agent Swithwulf will be able to explain them their mistake.
On the other hand we’re glad that the Long Rider showed to be interested in the spot of Lest. Those rich soil hills are very nice, aren’t they?? The wine we produce there is well rinomated… we just hope you won’t get drunk.
We’re very confident to sell everything.
We’re also confident to make a good deal.

Who knows who will buy those resorts?

I bet the Freeps will get the upper hand :slight_smile: