Game 225 - War Begins

Bah, the Northmen Real Estate company isn’t going to be around very long. Something tells me that they’ll be going under quite soon.

  • Ben
    Dark Lts.

Spring comes quickly, Roberto. We may afford a room or two at Rhun-by-the-Sea yet! Comprende’? And, of course, I can ALWAYS afford one . . . the winter has no hand in the economy of the deep south desert. Es muy calor! Camel trading is at an all time high. Industry is booming . . . we have learned to make many fine and wonderful papers from recycled Mûmakil dung. We ship many fine and good papers to the Hobbits in the Far West. They always sing that song . . " Keep on Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ " . . . something to do with their herbs and weeds I think? “Medicinal use only”, HA! We do not care for such things. Rolling weeds is for girlies and “Smooth” guys. Too many holes to dig! Digging holes is MAN WORK! Sand keeps blowing and filling the holes back in! It’s freaking CRAZY man!!!


We, the Woodme, have some trees free in Mirkwood to rent, but our powerful neighbour seems not to be interested…
Maybe he doesn’t want to hear our joyous songs? “I’m so sorry…”

Bah, people who live in trees are furry and smell funny…

  • Ben
    Dark Lts.

Uhm, I think that people who lives in desert and lonely mountains hasn’t so much more to be funny, even if they are shaggy or not…

Since 12 hours since the delivery of the turn have already passed and Ben haven’t posted anything yet I’m starting to suspect that war is not going as the DSs wished :slight_smile:


My sell-agent Swithwulf has well explained the Rhun Easterlings why they should be more interested in our mortgage offer.
It seems that a certain Rof Paku didn’t take it well and tried to come at hands with Swithwulf…

This turn a huge meeting was arranged at Riavod.
Our sales agent Bain I has requested the cooperation of his colleagues Thralin III and Camthalion, since the task of convincing the inhabitants of Mistrand to buy our resorts seemed quite hard.
We were disapponted to notice that no Khand Easterlings showed up there, though invited…
At least Hargrog and his pony riders arrived in time.

Mornadak bought some land around Lest, we hope he’ll appreciate the spot.
He can discuss about it with Bard I this turn in the open plains.
He would have probably preferred to discuss somewhere else, but our CEO thought that an half-way meeting was more polite.

Other big meetings, not concernings our resorts on the Rhun Sea, will take place at Dol Guldur and at Buth Ovaisa.
The Dunadan Rangers expected to meet someone at Mt Gram, but the rude WK preferred to stay on his own.
That wasn’t really nice…

Are we still “bending over for you”, guys???

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

No worries. We’ve got plenty more troops where they came from. I’d be more worried 'bout what’s cooking in Mordor because it’s obvious that the wusses of Gondor decided not to come up and play. I guess we’ll just have to come down the mountain and squash them there. Oh, and Roberto, we’ll be coming for you too. :slight_smile:

  • Ben
    Dark Lts.

Originally posted by roberto
The Dunadan Rangers expected to meet someone at Mt Gram, but the rude WK preferred to stay on his own.
That wasn’t really nice…

Seems I recognise this smell from somewhere… Is that David Murray tickling my nose again? Is that decaying stench really Ben…? :smiley: Old memories come to mind… Aragorn died last time we met on the battlefield. Well, the bad news for you is, he’s BACK! And he’s in a bad mood.

Not sure I know Murazor from before, but your unholy spirit will be put to rest anyway. The old realm of Arnor is stirring under my command. Hundreds and hundreds of Dunedain have left the woods to face Sauron in war. Prepare to die by the hands of elves, dunedain and dwarves, rising as one in this last alliance against evil. My captains in the grey company and I were most impressed with the great strategy the first of the nazgul is displaying in Angmar. One of our scout companies spotted an orc camp in the far north. Orcs aren’t supposed to leave their dark holes, and a small force rode out to teach them a lesson. Only ashes now remain. This seems to have scared the wits out of the garrison in Mt Gram, because as soon as they heard to news of the approaching dunedain, they fled their mountain fort and tried to hide in the hills between the mountains. We know where you’re hiding, we know you don’t have food enough to flee, and we know your numbers. No orc will ever set foot in Mt Gram again. After cleaning out the dirt and making the fort fit for dunedain habitation, we will come for you. Send the Lord of the Nazgul out of hiding so we can cross swords in battle!

Aragorn II, son of Arathorn
(Pontus Gustavsson)

Dont worry Aragorn, the Master of Shadows has a knife specially prepared with your name on it. History will repeat itself

The Cloud Lord

Originally posted by Aragorn
Old memories come to mind… Aragorn died last time we met on the battlefield. Well, the bad news for you is, he’s BACK! And he’s in a bad mood.

always nice to see a familiar face on the opposite side, it makes winning that much more fun

and don’t worry we’ll make sure Aragorn’s comeback doesn’t last all that long :smiley:


Oh no, it’s Pontus. Everyone hide your women, children, and sheep! :slight_smile:

  • Ben
    Dark LTs.

Pontus? What is a Pontus? We have no Pontus in the desert. Is it a cactus? Does it have wings? Is it edible? We do not care what a Pontus is. We will dig a hole . . . yes, another hole in the sand . . . and put the Pontus in it! Sauron will be pleased, pleased.


ps- What is a Roberto? We have no such thing . . .
. . . in the desert.

You should know the Pontus, because it came from the desert. It slices, it dices and it eats you alive! It loves the smell of Fire Storms in the morning. If ever you meet it, you better step aside. A lot of men didn’t and a lot of men died! Oh, art thou my father? My brother? I am death and I have come for you! Die! Die! Muhaha! My preciouss… :smiley:

Hope all is clear now. Nice to see you all again. Sorry I forgot to insult you in my first message Fletch, it’s not because I don’t like you. Looking forward to this game! I’ve played both with and against some of you. It’s good to know the opposition is competent, and I now regret my lands are so far from Mordor. Tell Murazor to try to survive for a few turns more.

The Pontus

According to the Smithsonian Institute the “roberto” is an infesting weed…
If you don’t eliminate it soon, in less then no time it will invade all Middle Earth!
Be careful… it seems that some shady looking fellow has been seen here and there planting strange seeds.
If you’ll soon see lots of couch-grass camps pop up everywhere you know you are doomed!

Good thing we’ve got plenty of weed-killer in Mordor…

  • Urzahil

Weed-killer? Is that trolls you’re referring to? I’d like to see a few thousand trolls try to go through a Roberto infested area. They’ll hurt their big black feet and run home to Sauron crying!


Not if they trip in the many fine and nice holes I have duggen!Is “duggen” a word? We have no dictionaries . . . in the desert.


I believe Sauron has declared duggen a new word. Not only will the world be open to newer ideas, but Lord Sauron welcomes all progressive English translations…or else!

Knifey Jones

Ask Sauron where our turns are!


I believe SAURON may be involved in surrender talks with the freeps and keeping his loyal nazgul in the dark. no enemy, no combat results…