Game 909

Easterlings reporting in! I am hoping to hear from Neutrals, Dark Servants, and Free Peoples. I can be reached via email:

Arfanbrad couldn’t resist. It’s been a while~!

(For those new to the game, that’s Brad indicating that he is playing Rhudaur, as one of the leaders of Rhudaur is Arfanhil.)


I see what you two are up to!

8 reporting


The only thing Brad and I would be up to at this stage would be arguing about the quality of Tim Hortons coffee.

Tims will do on the road… We can talk about my east African fair trade organic when you convince me to join your team…

The Corsairs and Haradwaith have posted to the #1650 channel on Discord.

Gervasio here playing on DS side

Hello, Duns checking in

Hello! I always seem to get the Woodmen!

Greetings Dan, Keef here. I am playing the Witch King.

Hope to communicate further.

Harad’s here open for dialogue.

Greetings Dan,

Cardolan in 909 here. Hoping to talk about how are interests might align.

Ah, Cardy and the Duns are clearly about to gang up on me~! Help~! Send the Cloud Lord~! Help~!

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Odd’ish opening in the North West. Cardy to 1907, okay. Dwarf hired on 2004, okay. WK boarded a plane and vamoosed…um…? Dun is skittering about the edges of my map and someone is on that expensive hex made famous in the movies.

How goes the rest of the world? Have the Easterlings jumped the Northmen? Gothmog pulling the Ithhil threat? Sinda attacking the Harad?

Come, what news?


The Easterlings have jumped no one. We contemplate our fate.

Fate? Victim-speak. Use Destiny instead~!

Easterlings are contemplatomg how insanely rich they can get while winter lasts? :slight_smile:

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Do we have yet another cowardly Rhudaur going freeps?
Three previous games with neutrals have been spoilt by Rhudaur going freeps early. It’s an easy choice and a very cowardly and selfish choice. I thought the neutrals were experienced in this game. What a shame.

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27 12v12 with a DS Rhudaur later, FP is refreshing.

Add in the Dun didn’t want to jump Cardolan early with me, preferring to take some more time. Rhudaur doesn’t have time.

Add in that that WK abandoned his nation. IT should never be a surprise that Rhudaur lands on Gram - because there is something called the 925 order. Turn 3 it was both a surprise, and there is nobody there? Unheard of.

Add in that the only person speaking with Rhuduar was the same poor Witch King.

Call me names, keep going. Every “cowardly” and “selfish” that spews forth reinforces the correctness of my decision.