Ks 676

Anyone else in KS 676 here and reading this?

Yes, I’m in game 676. Sent in set-up sheet and awaiting turn 0.

Same here. Team Usurper.

Waiting on a few players to get their set-up in, it’s due by Friday so hopefully if everyone is in I can get their set-ups done this w/end.


I, too, will be a part of Game 676.

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Greetings from the neutral Line of Tirkhor. Diplomats are ready for dialogue at raven@rinzai.com.

Hello out there from Arnor! Interested in hearing from the Neutrals. You can reach me at gdreid13@gmail.com

Cool! New forums.

Khazad here. Open to any and all negotiations, at…



Generally, don’t mess with us…and we won’t bite your kneecaps off and use them as ashtrays for our pipeweed stogies!

I built very neutral, with particular test strategies in mind. Those are mostly in regard to NPC’s. I will be testing them between turns 1-5. I would like, if possible, to remain neutral until T6+. Raven, if you care to agree to do so as well (ideally with us assessing some shared info), I think it would be mutually beneficial. We’re pretty much destined to be enemies, but we can at least try to be civilized about it.

Both sides may see a few things in the upcoming turns. Since both allegiances can see it, letting you all know 3916 may pop to a T/T turn 1. Depends on how much I want to succumb to the gold lust…or rather the shop-until-you-drop doggedness that drives all within the munchkinplex. This is because (no real shock), BORIN started there, travelled to the Far East to seek counsel with Istar Luin. Attempts by either allegiance to interfere with his entreaties will be considered hostile action by Durin’s court (I’ve been cheesed out of him in 5 games now…grrr…).

Armies will be recruiting EVERYWHERE that’s a town or better, as commanders permit. Regardless of which way I declare, I’m either going to be your best friend or your worst enemy on one of several fronts. Still deciding where to concentrate. A lot of that decision, as well as THE BIG DECISION, will depend upon all of you.

Diplo away, you crazy S.O.B.'s!

Hugs, Durin V

My primary request, Oh Great Khazad Leader, is to not name any of your characters after detergents as was done by the Khazad player in Game 672 (e.g. Tide, Purex, etc.).

Your wish is granted, long live Jambi!

Movan, Galerus, Jason_Bock, which nations are you playing?

Well met!

Who are you?

Hugs, Durin V!

I am the Horselords.

Greetings Great Durin V!

We have ridden long to salute the grim Khazad in their mountain halls. The splendors of your stone craft are truly a marvel to behold. And your shining axes ought to give any wary visitors pause. Swift riders from Arnor have arrived before us, it seems. But we would join them in extending a hand in friendship. Quendi counsel is not given lightly. Perhaps we could arrange a trade in the near future. We might seek information you possess, in exchange for similarly valuable information you might want.

OK, cool!

Galerus, are you also the Hithlum player, who has contacted me?

Just an FYI to all, taking a very centrist munchkin mindset.

Disbanding my two most extreme armies, in respective Loyalist and Usurper laps as an act of extremely neutral faith.

Prove yourselves! (please)

Please clarify–what are you requesting we prove? And how are you proposing we do it? The Quendi are proposing a trade of information with you, our one bit for one bit the Khazad possess. It will not impact your neutrality.