Game 52 GB ends with FP ring drop in turn 49

Well, after nearly 2 years this game came to an end. I had a lot of fun, many things worked out as planed, some luck at the right moments and finally droping the ring in a dramatic finish. First time for me :slight_smile:
The opposing Dark Servants fought hard to the very last turn despite losing many nations over the game (Corsairs, Quiet Avanger, Fireking, Cloud Lord, Rhudaur, Dark Lieutenants). They were pushed back to the south eastern most part of the map but they managed to built new Major Towns faster than losing them. Thank you all for the great battle.

I would like to share some war memories :slight_smile:


g052n10t049.pdf (122 KB)
g052n22t049.pdf (112 KB)

Awesome! What a great end to what looks like a hard-fought battle.

Thanks for sharing, and well done!


Heh I was playing the NG/Duns in this game - very hard game but fun. I thought the Harad/Noldo played the best game ever so nicely done there. Cardolan etc played a good game and we managed to re-take the Cardoplex/WK land after an early set-back. Then it was all steam ahead into a grind into Mordor. Never did take the Doggie Cities @ 3321/3421!

Clint (player)